Shoots FAQ

How long of a monthly commitment is required to get the monthly pricing?

There is no monthly contract. We would love to keep working together, but we don't believe in locking people into contracts they no longer want to be a part of.

What is a "Scene?"

Photos and/or videos of model(s) or product(s) featuring your brand that embodies a particular lifestyle.

  • We will generate at least 7 images in order to help illustrate what is happening.
  • Any change in the models, backdrop, or product will be a new scene.

What does "# of Est. Photos = X+" mean?

We will capture one 'scene' with a 15-second video clip.

  • It will be shot between 2-3 times from different angles and edited together.
  • This also includes minimal text overlays and your logo.

What is a "# of 15 Sec. clip?"

It is a guarantee to how many images you will receive. We won't restrict how many images we give you. Example - If you select the "Starter" package and we generate 20 photos instead of 14, you will get all 20.

What is a "# of 60 Sec. video?"

We will capture multiple 'scenes' that produce a story-based video.

  • # of scenes featured in the video = 3-5.
  • It will be around 60 seconds. The timing will adjust up or down in order to most effectively paint the story.
  • These are great for Instagram content but also Youtube and Facebook. We'd be honored if you even used this as your main video on your website.

Do we pick the models?

You let us know which target demographics you are trying to resonate with, we will bring models that align with that. If there is a specific model you want that has been featured in our previous shoots, let us know at More info on our model portfolio coming soon.

Are other brands at the same shoots?

Yes. That is how we are able to provide such high-quality at our affordable pricing.

What type of photo enhancements are included?

We will correct and enhance the coloring of your photos. For any additional re-touching on specific images, it will be $5- $25/image based on the request.

What if I have my own photographer but need models for our own photoshoot?

We can help you! We just don't have upfront pricing established for this...yet! Please contact us at and we will find something that works for your needs.

Social Media FAQ

What social platforms do you cover?

We currently focus on 2 social networks - Facebook and Instagram.

Does this include content creation? How do you fill in the images required for posts?

It includes curating on-brand visuals from commercially viable stock photography websites.

Do you use a social media scheduling platform?

Yes, we currently use the Facebook scheduling tool

Website FAQ

Why no Upfront Pricing on websites?

Trust us, we'd love to do upfront pricing on all our services. Custom pricing does not mean 'if you have to ask for the price, it means you cannot afford it.' We have created sites for as little as $300 while others can be $10k+. Each website is unique, we are working on making this a reality but at this moment we cannot offer it.

What website platforms do you work with?

We use three platforms - Webflow, Wordpress and Shopify.

Our recommended website stack by account type:

  • Brand = Shopify
  • Location = Wordpress
  • Creative = Webflow

What do you include in a 'website' setup?

Brand Discovery

  • Brand voice and messaging
  • Persona Creation

Draw wireframe and further refine and iterate with prototype

Subscribing to 3rd party services

Build in website platform

  • Responsive design for mobile and other screen sizes.
  • Optimize SEO

Following our in-depth testing procedures

Launch to current audience

What factors do you include in your pricing?

  • # of pages
  • Who writes the copy? - Are you writing it or are we? Are we splitting it?
  • # of Words / Page
  • Custom images included?
  • How many API integrations are needed?
  • Are you working with a templated site or is the design completely custom?

Do I need to help with building a website?

Absolutely! Building a website is a collaborative process and is the only way to get a website you LOVE. It’s up to you how much of it you want to do but we will be there every step of the way.